Deadmau5 Gets A Pro Racing Simulator!


So it seems that Toronto-based EDM music giant Deadmau5 is going full-tilt with his new love for cars. After gaining some international fame, Deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) began purchasing some great rides including a matte black Porsche 911 and most notable his controversial Ferrari 458 Italia known as the “Purrari” and used in his  YouTube series Coffee Run. After the cease and desist order from Ferrari USA, Zimmerman decided to up his car game and purchased a $1.6M McLaren P1.

Meowingtons… No.

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Posted on his Instagram account at the beginning of the week, Deadmau5 began dropping hints as to his new obsession. In particular, it was the arrival of an awesome real-time rig built by CXC Simulations. For the starting price of $54,000 USD, you too can get in one of these state-of-the-art racing simulator! Similar to the SimCraft system showcased at SportsCarBoutique back in October 2013, this 3-monitor setup (Race $66,975 / Pro $83,515) offers the latest in real-time simulation across an assortment of race tracks. Every visual detail and driving physics is taken into account, making it the perfect training tool for professional drivers, or in this case Deadmau5.

Installing stuff…. My foots itchy!!!

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As stated be the man himself, “Installing stuff… My foots itchy!!!” This leaves everyone scratching our head wondering if Deadmau5 ever plans to race professionally or just hone his skills as an enthusiast for when the weather gets better. Either way, there’s no knocking the guy. He’s work hard to get to where he is and has found an appreciation for the toys we all love – cars! If anything, hopefully we’re able to catch Deadmau5 blast around the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park this season in his McLaren P1!

Woohoo! Mosport opened up early this year!

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If you want to talk about support, just this video of what seems to be a technician from the sim company doing a lap around CTMP (formerly known as Mosport) gained 35,000 likes! Please Deadmau5, let us see you unleash the 903bhp of the P1’s engine – just be sure to shoot us a message beforehand!