Cut Hondas Some Slack


Throughout automotive history, few brands have been on the receiving end of as many jokes and insults as Honda, but it seems that the hate they receive is drastically disproportionate to their quality. I should have mentioned ahead of time that I have never owned a Honda, lest I be lambasted as biased and painted with homophobic slurs on the first message board this reaches, but I have driven them, worked on them, and seen some really cool builds from the Honda platform that deserve respect.

Form Over Function -  Honda Civic (Elevated) (THUMBNAIL) 6

Stumble across any popular automotive social media page’s posting of a Honda – usually a cleanly modified civic – and you’ll find that the comments will almost certainly contain some aforementioned homophobic slurs and something along the lines of “It’s still a Honda, hurr hurr”. While many of these comments are meant as a harmless joke, it seems to have devolved into a running knee-jerk reaction to anything and everything Honda, and it’s breeding an ignorance that divides our community


Honda engines are some of the most critically-acclaimed engines on the market, mostly because of how well-rounded they are. Some enthusiasts may recall Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson praising Honda’s lightweight, high-revving and reliable engines as what an engine should be. They’ve also proven their racing pedigree on the track in countless racing series. You don’t land a partnership with McLaren’s F1 team by making a sub-standard component.


Hondas may not be the fastest cars, with the exception being any Type-R, but they’re not meant to be. Take a look at the above triangle, assume “Good” means reliable, and pick two. That is essentially how car manufacturer’s have to divide their efforts. Considering how incredibly reliable and affordable Hondas are, they aren’t doing too badly making up the quickness. Lightweight design and race-inspired engineering ensure that Hondas handle well, and the affordability paired with their popularity make for an extensive aftermarket.

I’m not saying that Honda is the best, but they certainly aren’t the worst. I just think enthusiasts should keep the hate out of their community by recognizing that not all Honda enthusiasts are rice-racers, and save it for something truly repulsive like the Toyota Echo coupe.