Clarkson, May, and Hammond Signed with Amazon Prime for New Car Show


It’s only been four-months since the roller-coaster ride with the three amigos of Top Gear UK began, in particular with Jeremy Clarkson suspended by the BBC after an altercation with a producer. For fans (such as myself), the news came as a shock considering the international popularity of the show and common knowledge of Clarkson’s antics. There was even a #BringBackClarkson petition which was started and still has 1,066,433 signatures, but that won’t matter now.

As of this morning, it has been made official that Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May will air their new show on Amazon Prime after signing what one could only imagine is a very lucrative deal. Clarkson last year raked in a whopping $21-million alone with the show, granted the BBC has deep pockets and the show did debut back in 2002.

Along with the three amigos will be former Top Gear producer Andy Wilman, the true genius behind the show’s success and the creator of The Stig. According to a press release put out today by Amazon, it states that that the “first season will go into production soon and is scheduled to premiere for Prime members in 2016.” This can only mean good news for fans, right? Well, sort of.

There have been mixed reactions by many on social media with the usual support of the three TV presenters, while others are upset that their favourite show will no longer be free to watch, but rather through a paid service – Amazon Prime. Yup, not even Netflix got in on the deal. The true unfortunate thing like most things here in Canada, we tend to get a watered-down version (Netflix Canada as an example) and this will most likely be there case with Amazon Prime. In an effort to get people interested, the company has even offered a 30-day free trial to potential customers. Sadly, it won’t be for another handful of months before the first episode airs, so you might as well wait it out.

As for the name of the new show, nothing has been leaked as of yet other than the use of #Drive2Prime and when compared to the branding of Top Gear, it sounds very bland. Hopefully this won’t be the actual name of the new show and that the change in network doesn’t prevent the three amigos from doing what they do best: shenanigans, driving the cars we love, and making fun of each other!