The #BringBackClarkson Petition Is Very Real!


It hasn’t been even a week since the “fracas” incident between Jeremy Clarkson and a producer of the BBC hit show Top Gear. Not only was Clarkson suspended from the show recently, it seems that much more has come from it including a petition started by Guido Fawkes on It has been just one day (yes, 24-hours) since the petition started and already there are 538,630+ supporters who have signed it!

For those wanting to show their support, the trending hashtag is none other than #BringBackClarkson and if that isn’t enough, there’s even rumours that the infamous hacker group Anonymous has threatened the BBC with taking down their website should the Clarkson not be reinstated.

According to The Guardian, the BBC could face a multi-million dollar bill to pay to foreign broadcasters. If the petition and the support of millions of fans isn’t enough to convince the BBC to bring back Top Gear or at least finish off the season (as it has been cancelled completely since the suspension), maybe the penalties will open some eyes.