A Canadian Ferrari F40 Bites The Dust!


It’s a tragic day for Ferrari fans and any car enthusiasts as another ultra-rare F40 has met its death in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada. Just after 2:00pm EST at the intersection of Rowntree Dairy Road and Auto Park Circle (only 100 meters from the AMF office), this iconic supercar and a Dodge Dart collided. According to our contacts at the nearby auto mall, the Dodge Dart ran a red light and nailed the priceless Ferrari which was piloted by technician from Ferrari of Ontario returning from a post-service test drive in the neighborhood.

A Canadian Ferrari F40 Bites The Dust (THUMBNAIL) 2

For those unaware of what this 40th anniversary edition is all about, here’s a simple history lesson. Between 1987 and 1992, the Maranello automaker released the F40 to the world with an estimated 1,315 ever built and a price tag of approximately $400,000 USD – equivalent to $843,616 USD today. As the story goes, this was the last model to come out of the Maranello, Italy factory approved by the godfather himself Enzo Ferrari. At such time, the F40 was the most powerful and expensive creation offered and to no surprise it quickly became the Holy Grail for petrol junkies. It was a purpose-built race car for the road with a 2.9-liter V8 with twin turbochargers strapped on producing 478 horsepower @ 7000 rpm good for 0-62 mph in just 3.8-seconds! Currently there are ten known Ferrari F40s in Canada with one of the most pristine in the collection of Remo Ferri, another well known one is owned by a Woodbridge-based businessman – sadly, this could make it nine in existence.

A Canadian Ferrari F40 Bites The Dust (THUMBNAIL) 3

By the looks of it, the Ferrari F40 might be salvageable considering that the folks at Gas Monkey Garage completely overhauled a similarly damaged one just months ago. The Gas Monkey black F40 after all the repairs and tweaks was still able to fetch $742,500 at Barret-Jackson. As for the Dodge Dart – does it really matter? Thankfully no one was seriously hurt, but ironically it could be said that the Dart hit the bulls-eye. Two things are for certain, the owner of the Dodge will probably never have vehicle insurance again after the substantial payout and that another legendary car has potentially met its demise in the most tragic of ways. It truly is a sad day.


  1. Your wrong concerning the insurance status of the Dodge driver. This must be a US based site. We have no fault insurance Ontario. This drivers claim is treated the same as if he or she had killed a bus, a truck carrying iPad’s etc. The amount of claim has nothing to do with getting insurance or retaining it. If the driver had a clean record before this – it is still ONE claim against his driving record. His rates might go up $20 bucks at most per month and the cost of the payout is just part of being in a pooled insurance group. Many others (millions) are hit for increased premiums for a $1500 accident – the norm is $3500 so it all evens out in the end. Ontario has one of the healthiest (profits!) auto insurance industry in North America – so no tag day here for this industry!

    As an aside: Remo is quite able to repair this vehicle and back in the day when F-40’s were being raced in IMSA his people at Ferrari of Ontario were maintaining them. They have far more skills then these Grease Monkey guys and have very close connections with the factory being the first Ferrari dealership in Canada with their charter given to Remo personally from Enzo.

    FYI: The accident occurred in the City of Vaughan – not Toronto.

    • Thank you for your input “Torontoworker” – much appreciated. AMF is Canadian based and the office is located right where the accident happened – on Wings Road to be exact – stated in the first line of the article.

      The insurance statement was sarcasm. I have met Remo several times through mutual family friends and am fully aware that his business is able to repair it, but that doesn’t take away the fact that it will no longer be a clean F40 – a true shame.

      As for the statement of the accident not happening in Toronto, it was never stated as such – in fact, it was stated that it happened in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada.

      Giancarlo Pawelec
      Editor-in-Chief | AutoMotoFoto.net